Is there an equivalent power measurement like in LTspice?

Does Qspice have an equivalent way to measuring (plotting) the power dissipated by a device by clicking on the device while holding the “ALT” as in LTspice?

LTspice computes the power flow into a component, which isn’t quite dissipation since power flows in and out of reactacnes without dissipation unless the reactance includes resistive losses. QSPICE will compute dissipation. The device equations are separated into conductive currents, which cause heating, and displacement current, which do not. It’s turned off by default because it bulks up the waveform file and incurs some compute overhead. To turn it on, add this to your schematic:

.options savepowers=1

Then you can plot the dissipations by Ctrl-clicking on components.

The feature is implemented for for BJTs, Capacitors, Diodes, Inductors, JFETs, MOSFET level 1, MOSFET level 2010 and VDMOS.


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