Is there a way to see what data the Tag is sending over BLE?

I’am currently building a new application to perform particle filtering with the MDEK1001 dev kit. Therefore I need range information from the tag. I already saw that the tag is sending ranging information over the USB-link, but I’m wondering what the tag is sending over BLE.
Has anyone an idea, which data the tag is sending over BLE and how to access this data?

The TI “Packet Sniffer” running on their $50 CC26X2R1 Launcepad Dev Kit can be used to see what is going over the air.

Unless they’ve updated it recently WireShark V3.0 must be used and not the current versions which is 3.6. WireShark is used as the display console.

Also needed is the TI Uniflash programming software package to get the packet sniffer loaded.
At same link above.

While knowing the data being set, which is what you were asking (and I’d like to know myself), being able to watch what is going on in the Aether is more insightful for real world timings.

Hi @GerbenG
here (DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & R2.0 Firmware Image - Decawave) you can download the MDEK pack where is in DWM1001-API-Guide.pdf described how the BLE interface works. Also here is the android app source code: