Is there a way to import LT1170 model in QSPICE?

How to import LT1170 model in QSPICE? I found a demo circuit that works in LTSPICE but it doesn’t include the .model or .subsck command.

In any spice program, you normally can locate what library is called by viewing its netlist.
LT1170 model is LT1170.sub, which is a binary file (possibly encrypted model) in directory %LOCALAPPDATA%\LTspice\lib\sub
Possibly no way to salvage this model to Qspice based on my understanding

Thanks for the reply

@mftouni ,

Both LTSpice and QSpice allow for encrypting models. It is my understanding that the encryption is not a common encryption that is used across SPICE implementations. In other words, an encrypted model/subcir is only valid on the SPICE tool it was encrypted on. This is because the encryption method is generated by the tool and decrypted successfully ONLY on that same tool.

Having said that, I noticed a statement about encryption on the LTSpice help file:

In this case, the LT1170.sub may not be ‘encrypted’ but might be a special binary-type encoding unique to LTSpice. (Same difference if you ask me.)


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I have a decrypted file of this model. It’s on the Internet. I took a look at it out of curiosity. My conclusion is that it is easier to make your own model in Qspice than to do recoding. And I don’t see the point in it - LTspice works fine with this model and simulation is quite fast.

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Thanks for the reply.

Could you please share a link to the file.