Is there a guide of how to perform firmware update using the "dw_updater"?

Is there a guide of how to perform firmware update using the “dw_updater”?

This problem has been resolved.
This problem was due to the virtual adapter.

Hi okhyun,

i have the same problem with you, the dw_updater.exe cannot find the Anchor. Can you please explain me how you have solved it.
Thank you in advance

Just a small guide:

-Install AC6 Eclipse Environment the process is described in the TTK1000 Anchor Source Code Guide
-Compile the anchors source Code using the “fw2” profile (TDoA RTLS application)
-Properties->C/C++ Build

-Install SolarWinds TFTP Server (or any other similar software)

-Copy the “Release/File anchor_F429.bin” (new firmware) on the TFTP Server root folder


-Configure your ethernet IP in the same range as the anchors

-Connect the host PC to the network

-Connect the already programmed (old firmware) anchors to the network

-Run the DW Updater as administrator

-Reset the anchors (Turn PoE Power off, turn off Poe Switch, dissconect ethernet cable, send reset
command trough controller, etc.)

-You will start to see the devices in the DW Updater

-double click in the desired anchors to be upgraded

-Close the DW updater one time all the selected anchors disappear from the awaiting list

-In SolarWinds you are able to detect if the anchors establish a download connection with the TFTP

-All the Anchors physical settings should remain equal (IP, Netmask, Gateway, UseStatic, etc.)

-That’s all Folks

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