Is the formula to calculate antenna delay in APS014 incorrect?

I have been trying to implement the process to identify an antenna delay of a board as described in section “2.2 Reference Device Generation” of the APS014 document and wondered if the formula in Figure 5 (page 10) may be incorrect.

In the figure, it says
" tof_candidate = [2Del_chip1 + 2Del_chip2 _+ 4tof_measured] / 4. "

However, as far as I understand, the tof_measured variable is a measurement taken with antenna delays are set to zero and, therefore, I guess the formula should go like this
"tof_candidate = [4tof_measured - 2Del_chip1 - 2Del_chip2] / 4. "

To confirm my understanding, I used the sample data as given in the Table 3 of the document and it showed that the first formula will never give the results close to the given correct answer.
But when I used the second formula, it returns the results very close to the given answer right away.

Can anyone confirm if the formula given in the ASP014 is already correct?

Thank you,