Is it possible or hard ? or will it be possible to modify the UWB default antenna from the DWM3000EVB

i want to change or modify the antenna of DWM3000EVB that built in from Decawave manufacture,
my reason is , i have seen it to short in length , when i deploy the DWM3000EVB to range to iPhone11 , i could range ( line of sight) until 30 meters then it begin stop ranging or sometimes from 20 meters ++ , it begins ranging not smooth , hang or frozen
in (the green rectangular line of the attach image below) is the built in antenna from Decawave

will it possible to modify it ? how to do ? i want to remove it and place new customized pcb antenna that has longer length with same width , is it possible in order to get longer ranging more 30 meters smoothly ?

Hi @andrew
you can carefully desolder/cut off the antenna and solder there a SMA connector. However 20-30m is not a bad range.

If you are designing a custom PCB antenna with higher gain then you need to take care about the FCC/EU regulations and you cannot cross the maximum transmitting power level. However designing a custom antenna is not an easy task.


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Using DWM3000EVB to range with iPhone11? Could you please provide more information about that?


thanks :slight_smile:
very clear answer , however ., it is not easy to design the custom antenna and need to read the DWM3000EVB documentation well