Is IRQ and RST absolutely necessary on DWM 1000 or DWM 3000?

Previously, in the Arduino UNO environment, data was not verified unless IRQ and RST pins were assigned.

Do I have to assign IRQ pins and RST to GPIO when I proceed with development with the development board with DWM 1000 or DWM 3000?

Then, I wonder if I should allocate RST and IRQ to any GPIO without restriction when allocating them to GPIO.

In addition, I heard that when positioning technology using anchor and tag, with the DWM 3000 model, a single anchor is sufficient must not two anchor, unlike the DWM 1000. Is that correct information?

Hi @HSJe

regarding the RST and IRQ) in theory you don’t need them. But when anything happens to the chip you need to have a way how to reset it. And for the IRQ, you can poll the register via SPI, but it it recommended to use a IRQ pin - but this depends on your firmware.

Regarding the DW3000 IC) it does support AoA (you need to have two antennas) and you might not need more anchors than one. But this technology work only in 2D - it provides one angle and distance.