Is Firmware Update Over UWB supported for DWM1001?

Is Firmware update via UWB supported in any of the Decawave modules?
I could see it mentioned on the System Overview document here but no APIs or reference code for that anywhere.

Yes, it is supported, just needs to be enabled via console, web app or android app.
The module needs to have PANS preprogrammed. More details on the OTA mechanism are provided in the documentation.

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Thanks for your kind response. I have ordered MDEK1001 and been playing around with it for a while. I need a chip without the ble so DWM1004C would be a better option for me.

Is OTA also supported on DWM1004C?

And can you please share where in the documentation can I see details about how to perform OTA over UWB?

The DWM1004C does not support BLE or PANS. It does not support BLE, so no OTA update. DWM1004C is specifically designed for TDoA tag applications.

What that implies is that OTA is performed over BLE only and that OTA over UWB isn’t possible yet?
This was my initial question for the post.

PANS is not ported onto the DW1004C. A UWB OTA on such a device is probably not possible as the flash size is small.

OTA on the DWM1001C is possible with UWB, once the initiator is updated the rest of the system will follow.

Thanks a lot for your response.
We’re targeting to finalize a suitable module for our products so I need to clarify a couple of more things. We’re imagining to do the OTA update via uwb using Phones.

How is the initiator’s fw updated, that also happens via uwb?
And do we have the PANS ported for DWM3000 as well?

DW1000 based products are not fully 4z compatible, they are based on the 4a standard so you can olny use SP0 packets and there is no STS supported.

In PANS, DWM1001, the initiator firmware should be updated first by SWD or BLE, after which each node will be updated by initiator over UWB OTA.

There is no plan for PANS running on the DW3000.

Thanks again for the clarification. Here is what I need to clarfiy further.

If OTA over UWB is happening for all the other modules joining the network (after the initiator’s fw is updated) can we assume that we can also establish OTA over UWB for the initiator from the Phone(with UWB functionality) as well.

Or is there a specific reason we have to update the initiator via BLE?

I looked into the STS and 4z compatibility but I’m not sure if that affects the OTA in particular, please correct me if I’m missing something.

Lastly, I could not see the OTA via UWB implementation in the sdk. There is only Nordic’s BLE Apis for OTA that I could see.
Is that not exposed to the end user to make changes to for their specific use case?