Is DWM1004C example code driver same with DMW1000?

Trying to run DMW1000 example code on DWM1004C, just found that the port.c port.h is missing

Hi Huibean,

The DWM1004c has a STM STM32L041G6U6S MCU (+RTC, AES, SPI and UART).

The example programs for the DWM1000, are based on the EVB10000 and so can be flashed into the EVB1000.
The EVB1000 has a STM32F105RC.
The DWM1000 example code is based on a different processer and will need to be ported to a DWM1004c.

Kind Regards

Hi @DecaLeo!
Thanks for your reply
I can running the simple rx example now, but I still can not run the double rx buffer example(port_set_deca_isr is missing) as the receive callback can not trigger same as in dw1000 with stm32T8U6, any idea I can debug with?