Is DRTLS_raspbian_R2.0.img corrupt?

Hi there, I’ve downloaded twice

Raspberry Pi 3B Image for DWM1001C
Rev 2.0 – 02/07/2019

but it doesn’t boot: the raspberry pi 3B complains it can’t mount the partition.
Similarly If I try to mount that img file on Linux, I get this error:

It looks corrupt to me. I haven’t been able to find any other image anywhere, is there a 2.1 version for example?


Please use the SD card with capacity at least 16GB or 32GB.

I recall we have recorded clients using smaller SD card and it did not work correctly.


Hi @leapslabs

I use a 16GB card indeed. The problem appears to be in the img file itself. It cannot be mounted on Linux, even without flashing it on SD card.

Hi @ZiglioCNS
I just downloaded the image from Qorvo web site & burn it into the SD card (32GB) and my RPI 3B successfully booted. Please re-download your RPI image and try it again.


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