Interoperability of DWM3001CDK


I have gone through the product discerption page of UWB, and got to know that it works on channel 5&9, we are looking whether if we use it as Anchor or Tag, can we operate with QM33120WDK1. Even though DWM3001CDK has channel 9 support, in discerption they they have not mentioned whether it is japan Supported unlike QM33120WDK1. please let me know whether we can integrate or not.

Thanks in Advance.

HI @shukesh ,

DWM3001CDK does not support Japanese pulse shape. QM33 does.
It should be possible to operate with QM33 and DWM3001CDK as tag and anchor.
For instance, you can take the QM33 SDK and flash it to a QM3310/20 and flash the DWM3001CDK SDK to a DWM3001CDK on another side with a CLI build for example.
And you can set a Fira session with initf and respf and get the distance between those 2 boards.

Note: These SDK I’ve mentionned are available in the Qorvo website.