Interoperability of DWM3001C and DWM1001C[MDEK kit]

Hi All,
Hope you are doing great,
I just procured 5 pieces of DWM3001C kit, while it was handed over to my hand it doesn’t have any firmware flashed i guess if I’m right,

And by reading the product manual i have flashed the firmware into it,

I’m trying that whether the interoperability of DWM3001C with DWM1001C is possible or not?

So i tried accessing the device UCI protocol over UART communication i haven’t got any response,

Could you please help me in getting the POS value as same like DWM1001C gives while connected with R-Pi,

It would be great if you provide with me an detailed steps to achieve this,

Thank you in advance!

Sri Haran S

Hi @sri
unfortunately PANS firmware is not compatible with DWM3001. As far I know there is no free RTLS software for DWM3001 like it is with PANS for DWM1001C.