Interfacing DWM3000EVB with ESP32 or arduino

I need to interface DWM3000EVB with either ESP32 or Arduino, Is there any library/tutorial available. Please let me know. I am new with USBs and don’t know where to start. Kindly suggest me some tutorials.

I don’t think Qorvo supports that – for bringup they want you to use one of their supported platforms (the ST or Nordic dev boards described in the docs). I have seen rumblings about Raspberry Pi code (presumably using the Pi’s SPI interface) but haven’t looked into it.

So I don’t think you’ll find many tutorials! Honestly this really is an early engineering sample, it’s not “maker friendly”. I think you’ll find a lot more examples and support code built around the DW1000/DWM1000. (Even so it’s not exactly trivial.)

That all said it is most likely not THAT hard to write the appropriate SPI interface layer for the DWM3000 API code. You’ll need to be quite familiar with embedded development though. Again, no tutorials here, sorry to say.

Finally, I am personally bringing up the DWM3000 on an Arduino-ish device doing direct register access. It’s slow going and a lot of debugging, but I haven’t stalled out yet.


Thanks a lot, @egnor .

There is a library available here: GitHub - Makerfabs/Makerfabs-ESP32-UWB-DW3000

However, it is quite limited and does not have FiRa implementations nor can it be used for Nearby Interaction with Apple’s U1 currently. There have been no updates to it since it came out either.