Integration of a DWM1000 to DecaRanging application

Hello together,

I would like to integrate a “custom tag” (PCB with STM32L010RBT6 + DWM1000 chip) into the DecaRanging application with the TREK1000 DevKit.
I set up the DevKits and connected them to my PC. One as an anchor and one as a tag. That’s working good so far. My problem now is … I don’t know what lines of code I need to use to integrate my “custom tag” into the described “test scenario”. I think it’s very hard to extract that from the EVK_1000 example CubeProject. What API-Calls are necessary for the integration?

I would appreciate any help or tips. Thank you!

Hi Claus,

We don’t support TREK / EVK / EVBs further as they were discontinued. I’m afraid I can’t really help.

I would suggest to move to our more recent SDK for QM33, from which you will benefit from ongoing support and standardization (FiRa)

Kind regards