Integrated trace measurements for stepped simulations

Hello Mike,

Thank you for all the effort and heart and soul you put into the development of QSPICE! As a long-time user of LTspice, it is hard for me to put my thanks into words!

For stepped simulation, the trace measurements built-in into the waveform viewer do not seem to work properly. I ran the demo “TransformerSaturation.qsch” and was able to retrieve the measurement results for MAX and MIN as follows:

MAX value of I(R1) is 9.00762 at 0.000311402

MIN value of is -5.00129 at 0.00575086

Other measurements could not be retrieved.

Well, you can see that the results do not contain any run information and in the case of MIN measurement the measurement reference is missing.

I don’t know your strategy for implementing trace measurements for stepped simulations, but it would be very handy if the trace measurements integrated in the waveform viewer (ctrl+right-click) could be retrieved for the stepped simulations as well, with indications of the runs.

Many thanks,