Installer fails on Admin and User mode

QSPICE™ Installer

Invalid Download:
Digitial Signature not found.


Delete InstallQSPICE.exe(It should be in your Downloads directory). The download same anew from the link in your beta invite and try again. That should fix the problem. If not, please let me know.

Sorry, no go. Same prompt for digitial signature.
I unblocked the exe prior to attempt.
And I tried from another folder other than downloads.

Do you have a direct link to the Qorvo URL?

Forgot to mention the installer closes all open Windows Explorer’s.


Well it’s been verified to install on Windows 10. I think you have a cached version of InstallQSPICE.exe, not the one on

I don’t know what you mean by unblocked. You need to delete it and download anew.

Yes, the installer will close all invocations of Windows File Explorer. It has to be able to register SchematicHandler.dll and SymbolHandler.dll. Those .DLLs extend the Windows OS to allow previewing symbols and schematics from Microsoft File Explorer. It allows you to use Microsoft File Explorer as your symbol and IP browser. Just drag and drop symbols for libraried schematics you like onto your current schematic.


On Windows, you right-mouse click any downloaded file to “unblock” it.
Else shenanigans.

Yes, I deleted before run.
I’ll try again.

I’ve got the same problem as the topick starter had. Tried deleting and downloading again. Tried Admin and User. Nothing helps. Is there any chance to fix it?

Closing Windows File Explorer is required. Any software that supplies .DLLs to extend Windows to enable preview of new types of files like schematics and symbols, needs to close Windows File Explorer so that it can register the .DLLs with the OS. These are the .DDLs SymbolHandler.dll and SchematicHandler.dll. These .DLLs also teach Windows how to draw icons that like like a miniature versions of each schematic.

This is all a valuable extension to the OS, it gives you previews of the files in both Windows File Explorer and any File browsing dialog. It basically extends the OS to be a more complete symbol and IP browser.

It’s one of the main points to installing in Admin mode and not User mode. Your QSPICE installation is somewhat crippled if not installed in Admin mode.

You use such .DLL extensions all the time for files like .JPGs, .PDFs, text files, etc.


Perhaps “Note, installer closes all running instances of explorer.exe” should be stickied.

Mike, ask for reboot PC after QSPICE install…
This resolve issue for users, who can not understand what is good and what is bad.

There is no need for a reboot. Windows File Explorer windows have to be closed and that will seem strange because very few applications require that because it’s rather rare to extend the OS with such .DLLs. Knowing how to write such .DLLs is something of a rare art.

Well, I’m not finding the update procedure reliable without a reboot first.

I’ve tried starting the shortcut with and without Admin. It fails different ways – sometimes doesn’t appear to start the download, sometimes does the download but then insists that I need to close QSpice and then the file explorer even though both are closed. Even if I do a reboot and do an update, at the next start it often says that there are uninstalled updates many hours old (before the last update).

– robert

I can install it on some PC but some PCs hit same error message. Would I get offline installer to simplify the installation ? Thanks !

@RDunn: It is correct that a reboot before update/install will make registering the .DLLs for symbol and schematic preview more dependable. The installer does everything it can to make it as reliable as possible: Closes all invocations of Windows File Explorer, unregisters the old .DLLs, wait up to 10 seconds for the OS to release the .DLL so it can be updated, but it can still fail. I have noticed that if you close all other applications, it’s somewhat more dependable. MS Office and Teams seem to be particular offenders. But even then, it still can fail.

But the good news is there is no advantage to rebooting after installation.


We don’t currently have an offline installer, but I don’t think it will help with the .DLL registration anyway.