Input voltages allowed with the PAC5xxx

What input voltages can the PAC5xxx device operate with?

Hi Brett, great question! Easy answer is as follows:

From a range point of view, the PAC5xxx family of devices can be used in applications operating from as low as 6V to as high as 600V DC. Nonetheless, this is not feasible with a single device. Due to semiconductor process technologies being optimized for a narrower voltage ranges, each PAC5xxx needs to be designed with a narrower voltage range in mind. Designers will find the PAC5xxx family of devices are divided into 4 main voltage ranges as follows:

  1. Up to 48V applications: these are devices tailored to nominal battery voltages ranging from 12V to 24V.

  2. Up to 72V applications: this segment is encompassed by devices which may go into battery based, or regulated power supply outputs, with typical nominal voltages such as 12V, 24V, 36V and up to 48V.

  3. The 160V Process Node is employed for those medium voltage battery based applications, typically found on garden tools, with nominal voltages starting at 40V and going to as high as 100V.

  4. The 600V line power family of devices is designed exclusively for line powered applications operating from mains power at either 110VAC or 220VAC, which comes down to rectified voltages in the ~180VDC (for 110VAC) and ~350VDC (for 220VAC).

But we had stated some of these devices can go to as low as 6V, right? In reality, the 6V to 600V range is more of an corner cases reserved for transients. For example, our lowest operation devices are the PAC5526/27 with a Buck/Boost converter which allows transients to go as low as 6V. Ideally, however, the nominal voltage would be higher than 12V. Similarly, a PAC5223 could operate in SEPIC mode and survive transients as low as 3V! But it would not be able to power up with anything smaller than 8V so the application’s nominal voltage would need to abide to such guidelines.

On the same fashion, albeit at the total opposite side of the spectrum, our high voltage devices can sustain voltages as high as 600V. Worth pointing out that to operate this device at any nominal voltage approaching the 600V Abs Max mark, would result in poor reliability.

In conclusion PAC5xxx family of devices can safely operate below their respective and specified Abs Max parameters, and above their respective and specified UVLO parameters. For the family these are voltages within 6V to 600V, but each PAC5xxx device has its own particular range.

Hope th einfo helps!