Initiator functionality in a network

I have gone through system overview document but still having some doubts regarding network deployments and initiator functioning.

  1. As as per the document, Initiator monitor and starts the Superframe in which different Anchors send there BCN message. As it contains 30 BCN slots then in one Superframe only 30 can anchors can BCN message, then if i will be using more than 30 anchors then how other anchors will decide in which Superframe they need to transmit?
  2. If i am making initiator in one zone A and deploy some anchors there and zone B is sufficiently away from zone A such that no anchors from both zones can range with each other but initiator is only in zone A.
    Then my question is that does positioning of Tag in zone B is possible?
    Because as per my understanding all anchors should be aware about superframe timing of initiator to allow tag to do ranging with them.
    Or do i need to make an initiator in zone B too?
    Please explain these queries.