Inductor wire diameter or coil diameter?

The Inductor Instance Parameters has the DIAMETER parameter where it says:

“DIAMETER Diameter of wire or air coil m”

How can it be both the diameter of an air wound coil and the diameter of the wire at the same time?


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Here is an explanation of how to use it.

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What is not clear to me is does “DIAMETER” refer to the wire diameter, or the coil diameter?

I did read the inductance common situations (several times). It leases me with more questions than answers:

  • It would be most useful if you could give it the required inductance, coil diameter, wire size and have it computer the number of turns and length.

  • Why does it default to aluminum wire and not copper wire?

  • Having the user specify the inductance and QSpice calculating dimensions would be more useful than having the user specify the coil dimensions, and QSpice calculating the inductance. We always know what inductance we want.


For the straight line, diameter is the diameter of the wire. For the coil, it is the diameter of the coil. The wire diameter does not strongly impact inductance of a coil.

Aluminum is the default because it’s for bond wires.