indoor positioning system development kit

Hi all,
I am currently working on an art installation and I definitely need a real-time accurate positioning system for indoor localization. I previously used another UWB system called Pozyx but they do not offer support to small projects anymore. I would need to track a person’s
location in real-time inside a 30m high spiral-like building for which I might need several anchors. Is there a starter kit or developer kit I could use from any Qorvo or partners?
Thanks a lot

Hi @vlorenzoni
there are two kits available now:
MDEK1001 - the oldest one - it contains a DWM1001C and PANS firmware (well discussed here)
UDK1 - new one this is a new DEV kit like next generation based on DW3000 chip from muRata (2AB module). You can buy it here: LEAPS s.r.o. UDK1 | Symmetry Electronics