Increase final message length?

Hi guys!
I’m using TREK1000 kit with original firmware 2.10.
I was wandering if I could increase the final message length (the default setting is MAX_USER_PAYLOAD_STRING_SS = 100bytes).
So far, I added in the final message info about diagnostics data and they fit in the default length (I just used 48 bytes).
Now, I’d like to add also the entire CIR of all the couples TAG/ANC (3 CIRs for the total amount of 4064*3 = 12192 bytes).
Could I modify the variable “MAX_USER_PAYLOAD_STRING_SS” without problems?
Do you think it could be a problem reading 3 CIRs and then send them in the final message so that A0 could put them out via usb to the PC with Matlab?
Any advices about alternative ways to process the 3 CIRs with the PC are welcome!

Note, the DW1000 supports a max PHY payload length of 1023 bytes. Thus you would need to send a number of frames from the tag to transfer all of the data. Frames include MAC header so the remaining data for e.g. “user payload” will be less. TREK uses standard mode (i.e. frames up to 127).

TREK code an be modified/timings adapted to allow for extra frames, and/or longer frames. Please study the code and protocol.

Possibly you do not need full CIRs? If you read just 20 samples around the FP you’ll get an accurate picture of what the CIR looks like.

Hi zoran, thank you for the answer!
Basically I need to do a statistical analysis on the CIR.
I’d like to compute kurtosis, the mean excess delay and the RMS delay spread to capture the amplitude and delay statistics for the LOS and NLOS scenarios.
In literature I found some papers about this but they use the entire CIR.
Maybe I could try to see if I can reach same results using only the part of the CIR that you highlighted.
Keeping in mind that I need 20 samples around the FP (40 bytes cause each sample is a 16bit variable), I just need to add 120 additional bytes (40 for each couple TAG/AN) in the user payload of the final message.
If I have up to 127 coded octects, also following your advice to use only 20 samples I should need to use another frame message to send all the data I want, right?
Thank you


well maybe initially you could just log the data from each device over the USB/VCOM port to your PC? Fro the initial analysis you could see if you indeed need the whole diagnostics + CIR data. And then later look to only add the necessary data to the frames and send over the air.

OR just change the protocol and frames to send all of the data.