Incorrect Device ID that is being read back from the DEV_ID registe

I’m flashing ex_06b_ss_twr_responder to my dwm3000evb and nordic nRF52DK. I found that after burning is completed, my board returns:
deca device: dev id “00000000”
From the dw3xxx api manual I understand that this means that either something is wrong with the SPI reads to the DW3XXX, or the driver is reading a device ID from an incompatible version of hardware. How do I troubleshoot these problems?

Another small question, I followed the READM.txt in DW3XXX_API and tried to compile and run TEST_SS_TWR_RESPONSER using SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM v5.10a. It seems run fine, but I don’t get any output from the J-Link RTT Viewer and the Serial Output application. How should I get the desired output?