Improve range of QM33120WDK1

Hello everyone ,
I have procured QM33120W have put into test .

  1. How to improve the range of the device? I have seen a parameter name TX power how to set it to maximum?
  2. Is it compulsory to use directional antenna on anchors ? Do they support any other antenna with better coverage ?
  3. Does AOA solution for for NLOS querry?

thanks for your help and time.

1/ The SDK is calibrated to transmit power to the maximum allowed by FCC (typically -41.3 dBm /MHz)

If it’s for testing purpose, then you can increase TX power by putting it to 0xFFFFFFFF (this is the maximum) and see the range improvement.
You can check this application note which was written for DW1000, but still also available for QM33.
This will let you understand better, what are the factors that helps you improve the range.

2/ We use directional antennas on the anchor side in order to perform angle of arrival in the field of view of these antennas.
if the device is not meant to do aoa you can use the same omnidirectionnal antenna that you have in QM33110.
You can also perform aoa with 2 omnidirectional antennas, still you need to resolve the back front ambiguity.

3/ Aoa is sensitivite to NLOS scenarios

Hope it helps,