Improve of PANS in non-ideal/home environments

Hello all,

We are using DWM1001, PANS release 2, to monitor the movement of individuals in home environments. This means that:

  •      Normally, situation is NLOS as there are walls and furniture, 
  •      In some places there are mirrors and windows
  •      As anchors are mains powered, they must be located at places where there is a plug. This means that the number and location of anchors is far from ideal, and, at the same time, many of them are only about 30 cm above the floor. 

Despite this situation, we are able to monitor individuals with about a 1 meter error. But we would like to improve the accuracy of the localization. Our questions are regarding how to perform this improvement are:

  •      Is there any option for this improvement if we use PANS? Is PANS configurable, so we can set optimized parameter values for this environments?
  •      If the last is not possible, could Decawave, LEAPS, or a third party, make a custom development for us?

Any comments are welcome.

Thank you in advance


Hello greetings

Just because of the situation you mentioned, I gave myself the task of creating my own location engine, I share a link with a version of the location engine that I create, based on the gauss-newton method

I also share a video of a real application in a warehouse.

best regards