Importing third party model

Followed the demo video when importing an op amp (RC4136) and worked as expected. However, when I did a copy/paste of the file in the new symbol window directly the pin numbers went from 2 to 6 instead of 1 to 5. Pin names are listed from 1 to 5 in the model file.

You’d really, really, really have to e-mail me the model file. It’s a waste of time for me to try to find what you’re talking about, and I try to ignore intractable requests for help.


Email sent.

Just to be clear, I did this again with a couple other op amp model files from TI and got the same results.

In your demo video when you were in the model file you did Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C to select all and copy. Then in QSpice you went to the schematic window and pasted (Ctrl-V) there and after selecting ‘Yes’ to the pop-up window the circuit appeared. You then copied the symbol from the schematic and selected ‘File’ → ‘New’ → ‘New Symbol’ and pasted the symbol there.

I basically did the same thing but cut a step out. In the model file again do a Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C. Then in QSpice, select ‘File’ → ‘New’ → ‘New Symbol’ and paste the symbol there. Select ‘Yes’ to the pop-up window and the pin numbers are shifted up by one. Instead of being numbered from 1-5 they are numbered from 2-6.

Why are they displayed 2 different ways when basically doing the same thing? It’s a little confusing when going back to the model file to see which pin is associated to the schematic.

Thank-you very much for sending it. I really don’t like to have to hunt the interent like Hansel and Gretel[1] searching for bread crumbs.

The import process is indeed flawless. No pin number issues at all.

The file did contain a Ctrl-Z, which it should not. QSPICE ignores them now but didn’t up until recently.


1] Comes to mind in that coincidentally I happened to have come across the Grim Brothers’ graves in Berlin recently.

I’m guessing either I’m not explaining it well enough or you didn’t try to recreate the issue and compare the two different methods. Maybe someone else can verify what I’m seeing.

Ah! Now I understand the issue.

OK, it’s trying to be helpful. When a pin come off the clipboard to the symbol editor, it always bumps the number. For example, if you have a pin A0, and paste another, it will be A1, and so on.

Since, the pin names are irrelevant, the symbol is electrically identical no matter what the pin names are.

I turned off that feature for your scenario. That should make it work more like what people expect. Please do an update.


I understand the names are irrelevant, it’s just that when going to the model file to find what the PIN number was it threw me off for a minute.

Thanks for looking into it. :+1: