Importing 3rd party ICs

I’m relatively new to LTspice and QSpice. Are there any websites where I can find .model files for importing 3rd party ICs, like Standard.bjt - LTwiki-Wiki for LTspice?
Specifically, I’m looking for models for LM317, LM7805, and LM7805.

Thanks in advance!

You can download spice model of LM317 from TI website
LM317 data sheet, product information and support |

LM7805, google “LM7805 spice” and there is a forum link have a .zip file for it. Just not sure how accurate this library is. Here is that library.
regulators.txt (11.1 KB)

@Chesu ,

Whether working with LTSpice or QSpice and I need a model, I use a search engine and reference the part # and keywords Spice, or PSpice or model.

If you have a preferred manufacturer, go to their website and look at sub-categories such as “Support” or “Design Aids”. In my of these manufacturer sites you can place the part # and key word model.


Got it! Thank you KSKelvin!

I will try that.
Thank you @lpoma !