I can't receive anchor's message

my board is ok. it can do simple tx and simple rx example. but i run the the RTLS’s software. it can’t receive anchor’s message. i don’t know how to check it. anyone tell tell me how to do it? thank you very much.


Could you be a bit more specific?
What software do you use when running RTLS Software and what hardware would you use? Is it TREK1000 software and hardware?
Is the configuration (datarate, channel, prf etc) of your RTLS anchor identical to your receiver.
Please read APS022, our debugging application note and check for the state (0x19) and status (0x0F) of your device.


yes, i use the module DWM1000. the hardware is designed by me. the hardware is work fine. i run the example on dw1000_api_rev2p14 is fine. then i ported the TEK1000’s RTLS software. but it can’t work. the software is running and can’t received anything.