I am newbie to the simulation world and qspice

What type of info I can provide for you to help me with very basic circuit such as LC and AC source of 400-volt peak.

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I built this circuit and I got the graph of INPUT voltage but no current

Please check if this entry guide can help. Page 9 is how to probe current.

Qspice/Guideline/Qspice - Entry User Guide.pdf at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice


I really appreciate your follow up. All I need is some “basic” stuff to get me going and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Your guides are greatly appreciated. I am just getting started and drinking from the fire hose.
My projects are relatively simple and my skills are basic. Simulation can tell me why my circuits are oscillating when they should not and save me a lot of grief.
Again, thank you

@DougB Great to hear that. There are several guideline in my Github. My original intention of these materials is for my colleagues (and myself) to reduce learning time of Qspice or as quick reference. Material may not be well organized and not well categoried. If you find anything can be improved or included, feel free to let me know. I keep update these guidelines but just slow down recently.

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