I am looking for a developer for my project and what are the keyword I should use in the job description?

Hi all,
I am none-engineering background person but I am looking for a developer for my project.
My project is just tracking locations of several indoor objects using UWB and barometer sensor.
I guess the developer should be able to build tags / to create software tracking locations.
I have absolutely no idea what I should write down in the job description?
C++? Java?

Could anybody help me out?

I would highly recommend contact Decawave design partners, as for such project you need a very specialized skills set, starting from understanding of marketing requirements, regulations, and standards.

Otherwise one of the key word would be UWB, RTLS, 802.15.4, location algorithms.

Are you looking for a quick solution or a cheap solution?

Quick = using pre-existing modules and firmware. So something like DWM1001c modules and raspberry pi. You’d probably want someone with c++ experience but you could also get away with mostly python at that point.

Cheap = Your own hardware. You need someone with hardware design experience (preferably with RF experience too). And then either c or c++ firmware / device driver experience.

How do you want the results to be displayed to the user? The user configuration / display side can end up being a big part of the project and often requires very different skills to the design of the physical units.

Finally unless you are planning on using the out of the box modules and PANS firmware from decawave for all of the UWB operations then in order to sell the product you will need to get the appropriate regulatory approvals for your region. You need to get those approvals for any electronic product that you want to sell but if you need to perform RF transmitter parts of the testing then that’s a lot more cost and paperwork. It’s also an area that goes a lot smoother if someone has experience of it.

For keywords for the whole project RTLS, UWB, firmware, and hardware would all be good starting points. Other would depend on what want exactly you to do.

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Thanks Alliv for the answer, you mean Decawave design partners like companies that use Decawave chips? Cheers!

Thank you Andy so much for the answer with nice details.
For the first stage I would be fine with the quick solution, about service part, I am thinking of some kind of display that could show the 2D locations (xy, xz,yz view separately) and 3D locations observing from some point. I haven’t thought about the gateway box yet, but I appreciate that you pointed out several things I might have to face soon. : )