Howto .model without the .model?

Let’s see, excuse me.
Can someone guide me through the process of creating a model of a transistor with just the pdf of its specs.
I’m sorry, but I have no idea how to do it and if it can really be done.
I would like to know what to stick to in order not to waste your valuable time and mine as well.
What do you actually do if you don’t have the model of a device you want to simulate?
Well, it’s probably a very trivial question for many of you, but if you don’t ask, it’s clear that no one answers!
(Surely English natives have an idiom for this expression!)

As always…Thank you!

You are looking for Bipolar transistor or MOSFET?

If you are looking for VDMOS and Diode modeling from datasheet. I knew Hendrik Jan created a program VDmostool to create VDMOS model from datasheet. In his website, there is a comprehensive guideline how to generate a VDMOS model from datasheet, scroll to bottom of this website, downloads section, you can find the guideline in pdf and the program.

This is his website, forum may not allow to use website link with ip address only.


I’ll give a try. Sure. Thanks for you time and help!