How to work without CLI in 3001CDK


I am working with 5 DWM3001CDK boards (4 anchors and 1 tag). So far I have been able to get them communicating using CLI commands (initf and respf) but I want to do that with C code. I have looked at the DWM3001CDK-DW3_QM33_SDK-FreeRTOS project to see what functions I need to modify but its really dense and I don’t quite understand it yet.

Can someone provide some insight into how I can get two boards to communicate without using CLI?



You can first take a look at the SDK Developer manual, especially chapter 7 (SDK Architecture) and chapter 8 (SDK Runtime). This way you will get overall understanding of the architecture.
At code level, when calling INITF or RESPF from CLI, you end up in Src\Apps\Src\fira\fira_app.c, especially fira_app() function which initializes and starts the Fira ranging process. So this file is a good starting point for an TWR application.