How to word wrap in a comment

I have just installed QSPICE and created my first schematic. I wanted to insert a multiple line comment but it doesn’t let me…is there a way to do that? I don’t see any “word wrap” options.


Type T and left click to place a text into schematic.
Now, double click text box again to use Ctrl-Enter for word wrap.
(you cannot do that just after type T, you must firstly left click to place text into schematic, re-click that text and Ctrl-Enter can work after that)

@NJMike ,

@KSKelvin is correct. It works.

One thing I should point out. The Ctrl-Enter forces a ‘\n’ (NewLine) to be inserted in the text. Unlike a word-wrap feature that automatically places text on the next line if it doesn’t fit in a ‘textbox’.

QSpice doesn’t officially support a ‘textbox’ that defines an X and Y dimension. It supports a text line which can have 0 to n number of NewLines.


Great, thanks! That worked!