How to use DWM1001 as a tag for QM33120WDK1

Hello Everyone

I have tried the DWM1001 and QM33120WDK1 boards, but I have only tried the basics. In the case of DWM1001, we require at least four anchors and one tag for better localization. However, the QM33120WDK1 uses a single anchor and single tag for localization, where we can get valuable information like distance, angle of arrival, etc. The size of QM33120WDK1 boards is slightly bigger than the DWM1001.

I want to know if I use the anchor of QM33120WDK1, can I use the DWM1001 tag to get the distance and angle of arrival? Is it possible that somehow I can use it? If not, are there any alternatives where I can get the valuable information like distance, RSSI, angle of arrival, etc., that we get from QM33120WDK1 boards easily using a single anchor and tag and have a smaller size?


No, you cannot get AoA on a single dw3120 chip from transmitter dw1000 chip.

The dw3120 is thd latest released 802.15.4z generation UWB chip. It is backward compatible with previous 802.15.4a, i.e. it can do all what dw1 did.
But because of a new standard, dw3 for AoA can use Sync together with a new sequence called STS to do the AoA.
I.e. in pdoa mode 1, chip is receiving Sync on one port, and then switching to receive sts on another port → resulted having AoA estimation.

While DW1000 chip can only generate Sync. It is a previous 802.15.4a generation UWB chip.