How to update the range rate with only one TAG & four anchors

Hello guys,
As described in ‘DWM1001 System Overview-2018’, the maximum lacation rate capacity can be up to 150Hz: Each 100 ms superframe contains 15 ranging slots, each of which is dimensioned to allow the tag sufficient time to perform two-way ranging with 4 anchors, giving a maximum location rate capacity of 150 Hz.
But this 150Hz is divided to 15 TAGs that each TAG can range with 10Hz.
In my design(1 TAG & 4 anchors), I hope all the 15 TWR slots can be used in the same TAG so that the range rate canbe up to 150Hz maximun.
If this setting can be done in the firmware through UART API?

Hi @W.M
no that is not possible. The maximum update rate for the TN is 10Hz. Beside of that it is not even technically possible for the TN to do ranging at every possible ranging slot as it needs do a ranging and then it needs some time to calculate its position.