How to turn off flashing led

I desoldered J3 & j5 as per datasheet instructions to disable LEDs and the first D20 red led is till flashing continuously.

Am I going to have to find the flash command in the firmware and alter it?

you didn’t specify which board nor which datasheet you are refering to. Technically speaking, you could desolder said led and switch it with a resistor. But that is a very experimental approach and not recommended, just a last solution.
Please provide your board and the given datasheet for further help.

Kind regards

Hi @robogo
the first led is controlled by the Segger IC (STM32).


It is the DWM3001CDK board. Datasheet says t desolder J3 & J5 to sidable Leds.

So I need to find the lines of code and comment them out.

Hi @robogo
no, the very first led is controlled by the segger/debugger IC, there is no way how you can control it from the DWM3001. You can desolder it if you want.

J3 & J5 will disable LEDs controlled by DWM3001 module.