How to sync two dw3220 for pdoa?


how to sync two dw3220 for pdoa ? I have already connected two dw3220 according to dw1000 pdoa sync method, and the sync code as following, but don’t get the right phase.

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Hi, did you solve this problem? I have also tried, from the two antenna ranging results the time synchronization is correct, but the phase difference is still not correct, I do not know if there is a problem with my calculation method, I am using the IP_POA in the two chips, thanks

which pins did you use when syncing?

Have you solved the problem? How to calculate the right PDOA from the IP_POA in the two chips?

have you solved the problem?I use mode3 but stspoa - sts2poa dose not equal to pdoa

What’s the need to sync two dw3220, when you can get pdoa with one dw3220 ?