How to Set up DWM 1000/DWM 3000 with Beagle Bone AI 64

I want to use DWM 1000/ DWM 3000 Sensor With Beagle Bone AI 64.
Sensors have SPI(MOSI, MISO, CS, CLK). So I Set up SPI On BBai 64 extension pin(P9.25-D0, P9.27-CLK, P9.28-CS3, P9.41-D1).
But DWM 1000/DWM 3000 Has more Pins to use(RST-Reset, IRQ-Interupt).
If I want to USE DWM Sensor on BBai64, Where should I assign the two pins(RST, IRQ)?

BeagleBone AI 64 Connector

They aren’t part of the SPI communications and so the pins don’t need to be associated with any specific hardware in the MCU. Generally any GPIO pin will work for them both.
For the interrupt pin you want it to be one that is capable of generating an interrupt, I don’t know the beaglebone well enough to know if that restricts your pin selection or not.