How to run example program for DWM1001; tag_cfg


I am trying to run Decawave’s example program, “tag_cfg”, using SPI on Rasberry PI 3 B combined with DWM1001-dev.

But the tag cannot find any anthors of DWM1001-dev.
The message on console was shown below.

Could you give me some help.

pi@raspberrypi:~/Desktop/dwm1001_host_api/examples/ex1_TWR_2Hosts/tag $ ./tag_cfg
dwm_init(): dev0
Opening log file log.txt
LMH_SPIRX_Init(): SPI dev0…
SPI0: spi mode: 0
SPI0: bits per word: 8
SPI0: max speed: 8000000 Hz (8000 KHz)
SPI0: Reseting DWM1001 to SPI:IDLE
LMH: LMH_SPIRX_Init for SPI dev0 done.
Setting to tag: dev0.
dwm_cfg_tag_set(&cfg_tag): dev0.
Wait 2s for node to reset.
Comparing set vs. get: dev0.

Configuration succeeded.

Wait 1000 ms…
Wait 1000 ms…
Wait 1000 ms…

I’m having the same issue. Were you able to solve this? I’d love to know your answer!