How to run DWM3001C API software on DWM3001CDK board?


I want to run the DWM3001C API code (example code “ex_06a_ss_twr_initiator and ex06b_ss_twr_responder” from on DWM3001CDK board.

However the DWM3001C API source code only support nRF52840-DK and STM_Nucleo_F429 board. While DWM3001CDK is nRF52833.

Is there easy way to run the code on DWM3001CDK? or should I migrate the code from nRF52840 to nRF52833?


Hi @jiwoong ,

Yes right, you need to migrate the from nRF52840 to 833.
Check my comment in this topic Getting started with DWM3001CDKE - #6 by illysky.
I hope this will help you !