How to run a motor with PAC5523EVK?

How to run a motor with PAC5523EVK? I want to use either six-step control or Field oriented control.

Hi SZhang, glad to help you with this question! Driving your tri phase BLDC motor with a PAC5523EVK is incredibly easy and you should be able to be up and running in a matter of minutes! Since you have already chosen a platform to work with, in the form of the PAC5523EVK, the first step is to hook it all up to your PC computer. Your EVK kit will have come up with the PAC523EVK module as well as the ET-UARTSWD isolated communications board and all cables. All you will need to add is your preferred Serial Wire Debug (SWD) programming/debugging probe which can be a J-Link, U-Link, IAR I-JET or an ST-Link.

We have a pretty good video which details how to interconnect all modules. You can find it HERE.

With regards to the algorithm to drive your motor you can choose between Six Step Trapezoidal or Field Oriented Control in either “sensored” or “sensorless” mode. You can find these projects in the PAC5523 Evaluations Tools Tab. If you scroll down to the “PAC55XX Software” table you will find the " PAC55xx BLDC Application Firmware" and the " PAC FOC Application Firmware". The table also contains useful projects such as the " PAC55xx Software Development Kit", " PAC55xx Example Code", " PAC55xx ActiveFlashLight™ Bootloader" and the " PAC55xx CANopen Device Driver"

Hope the info helps and good luck on your future motor driving endeavors!