How to reduce .qraw storage

Hi everyone,

Can we reduce the .qraw storage for the simulation? In my experience .qraw file generated is comparable to the total simulation time and complexity of the circuit. It’s not effective when I just want to measure some points (such as current or/and voltage).


.save directive, refer to Qspice help for detail.
if you have .meas, make sure those node or current get save as .meas is a post processing after .qraw is generated.

Hi kelvin,
I mean, I want the qraw not to be generated for all of the measurement points because I often run out of storage when the simulation is in progress.

I think .save is doing exactly what you are looking for. Did you look into Qspice help for .save?
Or I still misunderstand your question?

Here is an example of with .save
Sim with .save.qsch (1.0 MB)

You are looking for not generate all measurement points?
But waveform viewer need to look into .qraw data file.
If you not generate any result, what the point to run a simulation as you have no data to readout.

Qspice workflow from a schematic .qsch
schematic (.qsch) → netlist (.cir) → simulator to generate data file (.qraw) → waveform viewer plot data from .qraw

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Thanks kelvin, I got it.
I was tested your schematic with triple circuit to test the comparison of with and without .save command. It’s very useful for me.

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