How to properly disinfect MDEK1001

I am using the MDEK1001 as part of a study to track nurses in a hospital and the hospital’s infectious decease control department is requiring us to obtain information from Decawave on the proper way to clean the device. Can someone please provide this information?

Any response on this forum will likely be sufficient - even something as simple as “use 95% alcohol on a clean cloth to disinfect the device” would work. Any response would be incredibly helpful — without this information, we cannot use the device in the study.

Thank you

hi, maybe a good idea is to use the transparent film used in the food industry, so you can change it every day with a low cost price.

Hope you understand my dummy idea .



You can get an IP65 certified casing done and use any of disinfecting solution to clean it without damaging the device.


I think putting the device into some of those certified Personal belongings bags would be the easiest way perhaps. Then it can be cleaned with alcohol if needed.


@leapslabs, @afeef thank you for your quick replies. Given that you all suggest putting the devise in some sort of casing, is it safe to say that using disinfectant directly on the device would damage it?

Thanks again!

Device with normal casing isn’t IP certified so it will most likely get damaged if any liquid solution is used directly. Even with a cloth its not recommended.