How to place the anchors along long corridors?

I have purchased MDEK1000 development kit which consists of 12 units. I am trying to deploy it in a long corridor (around 50 meters) in length to track my assets position in the corridor. When i try implementing it I face problems as I am not able to fix the anchors along the corridor and calculate its positions as it won’t be in range if it is beyond 10 meters from the initiator. Isn’t it working in using BLE mesh? so that I can place anchors in such a manner all the anchors are 5 meters apart along the length of the corridor.

How can i achieve it?

Hi @spammer
could you create some drawing with distances and anchor placing?

I have seen a huge halls and corridors covered with 20-25m grid, so there will be some issue on your side.

Regarding the BLE) BLE is used only for configuration and for autoposition all nodes need to be in BLE range (autoposition here is just for the demo purpose) .