How to participate in the development of mynewt dw1000 on the github?


how to participate in the development of mynewt ?

Just browse here:

The distribution ( contains the device driver model for the DW1000 IR-UWB transceiver within the mynewt-OS. The driver includes hardware abstraction layers, low-level MAC, Ranging Services and raw-lwip stacks. The DW1000 driver and mynewt-OS combine to create a hardware and architecture agnostic platform for IoT Location Based Services (LBS). This augmented with the newtmgt management tools creates a compelling environment for large-scale deployment of LBS. The newt management tool uses a repo methodology for package management. The driver contained herein becomes a dependent repo for any DW1000 related project and is automatically included in projects as required––the showcases this relationship.

ok, thanks! have you some documents ?

I can join in your ?