How to obtain timestamps from MDEK1001 via USB?


When obtaining the ranges and/or location estimates from an MDEK1001 setup via a USB connection by the lec or les commands I do not get a timestamp. However, the MDEK1001 Android app does report timestamps so I presume there should be some way of getting them.

Is is really possible?


Hi Felix,

The timestamps are not sent over BLE. What you can see on the app is a local timer and I don’t think it relates with the time stamps them self.

If you use a listener (passive tag) and then the command les, then you will have some time stamps.

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thank you for your answer. When does the timer start to increase its local counter/ time counter? I would need to get a mapping between NTP (UNIX timestamps) and those time counter values received from the Decawave chips.
Thanks in advance!

Hi all,

I am totally new in the RTLS world, the forum and even more, I still did not buy any DWM1001 card. I would like to get additional info before investing in any DWM1001 card.

I am taking the liberty to post my question here since it is related to connection ability of those cards as USB and collectible data.

I would like to get a setup where positions of all tags are dumped on different selected files on a windows PC evey 10Hz (apparently the limit of those cards). Is this possible? How the data effectively transferred to the PC? Via Bluetooth and/or USB? I still did not get if the location data are sent by the Anchors or by the Tags…

Thank you very much in advance for your answers.



Hi Nomis,
see the documentation on the Decawave web page.
The maximum frequency is 10HZ, but this can decrase with the increase of tag number.
You should know that the system capacity is 150 Hz, so you can have 15 tag’s updated in 10HZ. You can increase the number of tag’s but the updated frequency will be decrease.
see this post:

The data is tranfered by USB using passive anchor, passive anchors only get the tag’s position.
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Hi Yves,

I have a doubt. If I am correct the passive tag (listener) can not transmit the distance as distance is not sent via UWB. The tag can be used to send distance to a USB port over BLE, so using a passive device as listener does not solve the problem. Am I correct? So how can I get the distance with time stamp?