How to migrate DW3000 to other MCU

Hi all,

I download DWM3000 Software API Guide as this link and found that we have some example for nRF52840 and STM_F429.
As I understand, “platform/Shared/src (config_option)” are used for DWM3000, the rest is MCU specific.

In case I want to use other MCU, then I need to migrate “platform/Shared/src (config_option)” to my project, and make some modification to port.c and port.h. Am I understand correct?


Yes this is correct, you need to update files from the platform folders.

If you download the dwm3000 API software and API guide from there:

You will have port example for two different platforms, nrf and stm32:

The main points of interest will be the SPI implementation and the IRQ implementation. You can also add support for sleep pin and add an accurate external clock for wakeup, this is design specific and a decision for the integrator.

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