How to manage location data DW1001

Hello, I have seen how to make a Gateway with a Raspberry Pi 3 to see all the data and information in a web browser.

My purpose is to manage that data and be able to send it to wherever I want for visualizing it. My idea is to make the data travel until a Raspberry and from there send that data to a server that I manage. I don’t know if that is possible or the only thing that can be done is to see the data in a web browser when it arrives at the Raspberry.

Another thing is if there is any way to make the gateway with a Raspberry Pi 4 or any other Linux component instead Raspberry Pi 3.

I would be so grateful if anyone could help me with this issue and solve my doubts.

Thank you!

Hi @pigarc
the web server is grabbing information all from the MQTT server which is installer on the RPi. So if you want to manage those data you just need to subscribe the the MQTT topics.

Due to some special HW/SW needs only the RPi 3B is supported.

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