How to know if the TAG is disconnected with ANCHOR

I have EVK1000 kit and the demo works fine.

I have noticed that, ANCHOR still displays it’s last distance_data even if the TAG disconnected and it is not responding to ANCHOR.

Is there any way to know from the code perspective that, ANCHOR & TAG bonding has ended?


  1. Connected both ANCHOR and TAG. Both exchange the messages and calculated distance is displayed on their respective LCD’s. consider last data displayed is “1.05m”
  2. I have disconnected the TAG (stopped giving power).
  3. But still ANCHOR display the distance as “1.05m”. Which is not ideal.

So, is there anyway to know that bonding/exchange of messages between ANCHOR & TAG has been ended? So that we can decide whatever the distance which is been displayed on the ANCHOR can be neglected if TAG is did-connected?