How to implement TDMA using DWM1000 modules?

I got to know about DWM1001 modules which have previously installed PANS library, which helps to implement TDMA for multiple tags scenario.
But source code of PANS library isn’t opensource, which is kind of restriction to make custom changes as per requirements even though some API’s are shared.
I would like to implement TDMA for DWM1000 modules but due to lack of experience have no idea about how to proceed.
Can some one guide me about how can TDMA be implemented with DWM1000 modules ?

TDMA is also used in TREK1000. From our website you can download the source code.
But attached the source code guide, it gives you the description of teh code and you can read how TDMA is implemented

/leo DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (1.4 MB)