How to get Transformer Center Tap

I am using analog transformer, it work, but it doesnt have center tap as I want to get the voltage from AC 0-65V from main AC 230V. How to get this done in QSPICE ?

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Center tap can also be understand as 1 input 2 output transformer. It can model by multiple coupled inductors or Qspice ×-device.

Standard Qspice ×-device symbol can be found in Symbol & IP Browser → Behavioral → analog → Transformer / Transformer2 / Transformer3

Transformer-MultipleOutput-Coupling.qsch (3.7 KB)
Transformer-MultipleOutput-×-device.qsch (5.2 KB)

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I got it. Thank you very much. The device Reference Guide file from your github cannot be open, seem like the file cannot be render.

Thank you very much. I have try yours solution too. I got it.

One question - I woluld like to test anode PSU for my headphone tube amplifire. I was testing some circuits in LTSpice, but I want to test this in Qspice with real transformer simulation.

For example, I want to test transformer 15V-0-15V 42VA - in voltage multiplier to 170V 200mA output.
How to tell Qspice, that simulated transformer is for example 1A current in output, to test voltage multiplier in anode PSU.
For example, if I would like to see if a voltage multiplier will allow a guaranteed current output of 200mA, is it possible to define such a current output for a transformer simulation?

Transformer current output - can we define it from transformer and how? THX.

It is possible to put the simulation file here

I edited that post and with simulation files upload in there.

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